Chief imposes sanctions on teenage pregnancies

Chief Kasoma Lunga of the Uunga speaking people in Lunga District has imposed punitive measures against his subjects due to alarming numbers of teen pregnancies and school drop outs in his chiefdom.

ZANIS reports that so far about 90 pupils in three schools have since been reported to have allegedly dropped out of school due to teen pregnancies and child pregnancies.

20 girls at Kasoma Lunga combined School, 60 at Mwaba Chikonde and 10 at Mungomba primary Schools have since dropped out of school due to teen pregnancies.

It is for this reason that Chief Kasoma Lunga has imposed punitive measures to his subjects in order to curb child marriage and teen pregnancies.

The traditional leader has consequently warned his subjects that they risk being not only being fined a sum of k100 but do the laborious farm work as punishment.

“I will punish individuals and parents who will be found promoting child marriage, teen pregnancies and Gender Based Violence (GBV), “ he warned.

The Chief further warned that not only will he punish parents but also pupils who will have dropped out of school for no reason.

Lunga District Commissioner Elias Pengele expressed happiness with measures taken by the traditional Leader adding that early pregnancies and GBVs in general only robs the nation of future leaders.

Pengele has since called on all the other traditional leaders in the district to work together with the government of the day to bring down the bad vice of child marriage and teen pregnancies.

He said once a girl child was educated then the entire nation is educated because a girl child is a government’s trophy.


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