Luapula Province Minister has applauded Bay Port and Innovation Africa for the water and solar energy project which they are implementing in Mwense and Lunga districts.

The Minister explained that these projects will go a long way in improving the lives of people in Luapula Province especially those in rural areas.

Speaking when he met with representatives from Bay Port and Innovation Africa, the Minister said as the Provincial Administration, his office will make sure that full ownership of the project is maintained.

He added that the Provincial Administration will ensure that the project does not fail, in order for majority of people in the province to benefit from the resource.

And Minister of Community Development and Social Welfare Emmerine Kabanshi, noted that the concept of provision of water in the country has been in existence for a long time but it has not been fully implemented.

She observed that the coming of Bay Port and Innovation Africa will therefore help to implement this system effectively and efficiently so that people can benefit.

Meanwhile Bay Port Financial Services Assistant General Manager Wane Msiska revealed that his company has set aside $250, 000 towards the implementation of the Water and Solar energy projects in rural areas.

He pointed out that these projects which are part of his company’s social responsibilities, are aimed at helping people in rural areas to have access to clean water and solar energy.

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