The Board chairman spoke to the Accountant and said, “get to your Office and see how much we can give that Health Agent to cover-up for our incompetence!”


The Board Chairman also turned to the young female student and said; “My dear, we need your favour otherwise we are doomed! We want you to befriend and entertain that Health AGENT, treat him nicely and if possible give him a good “Massage” if he so wishes so that he may exercise some leniency in the manner is going give a second report to the Minister! And when you do that, expect a very good recommendation of you at the end of you’re Attachment Period!”

Bakamba back ku D BLOCK, before I could even finish talking pa phone ka talk time finished and ba Madam back home remained confused and she didn’t realize that I ment to say that i have been mistakenly recruited as a C.M.R.C. mental candidate!

Bakamba ine ati indoleshe pa window, I saw 9 psychiatric officers coming speed ku D BLOCK!

Mjebele “Oh shit they have come to Inject me with ANTIPSYCHOTIC DRUG again!”

So I quickly pushed back ka MTN phone into the newly sleeping Mad Man’s pocket and pushed myself backward and pretended to be sleeping!

The 9 psychiatric officers opened the Door of the D.BLOCK, came to where I was sleeping and gently started woking me up ati, “Sir kindly woke up we need you to be taken to the nearby Lodge so that you can have a good bath before the Board Chairman apologizes on behalf of the Institution for subjecting you an HEALTH INSPECTOR to this harsh conditions!”


Ehh bakamba I opened my eyes and looked at the Officers and thought in my heart njebele, “Umm how come? Me Shi Joe an Health Inspector?? Are these guys serious of what they are saying or ba mambala they are just teasing me?”


Bakamba before I could say ati “No gentlemen am not an Health Inspector you just mistakenly took me as MOKOMOKO because of the status you found me in, the Board Chairman’s vehicle came VRUUUUM WRIIIIIR and parked right in front of the D.BLOCK and inside was the Driver naka Female Student ready to take me to the Lodge!

The Staffs then said ati, “Sir you will have to get into the vehicle so that you are taken to the LODGE for refreshment and you need not to worry about the bills as the Institution has made arrangement!”

Ama Offices also added ati, “By the way Sir, in case you need any help while still at the the Lodge, that young female Student in the vehicle will attend to you!”

Bakamba I still wanted to say ati “no guys akalumbafye sindine HEALTH INSPECTOR” but before I could say it, the Officers fast fast lifted me gently and led me to the vehicle where I joined the driver and ka female Student that was already inside the Car!

Bakamba within seconds motoka VRUUUM turned and shoot straight ku LODGE just few metres away from C.M.R.C as the 9 Medical Staffs remained waving bye-bye to the vehicle!

The moment we reached pa LODGE, the driver was like, “Sir I will remain outside but let me know when you shall need to be taken back to the Institution but my colleague here madam Student will lead you inside the Lodge!”

Bakamba me naka student moved out of the Car as ka lady shouted to me ati “This way Sir” (pointing to Southern side of the LODGE.)

Bakamba I followed ka lady behind as she led me to the ROOM!

While still moving behind ka lady mu Corridor going to the Room, ka Lady started vibrating her bulked hips by swinging her mini skirt left-right left-right left- right..

Ehhh njebele “whooowww hallelujah this is millennium!”

Bakamba we entered into a chi BIG well kept VIP Self-contained Room!

-The drama continues!!!

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