The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development has warned youths to be wary of being swindled when seeking empowerment funds.

Senior Youth Development Officer Musheka  Kakuwa said youths need to exercise caution when dealing with youth oriented associations and non-governmental organizations as they seek funds and training opportunities .

ZANIS reports that Mr Kakuwa said his ministry has not engaged any organisation to conduct trainings and provide loans because the ministry arranges and manages its own empowerment and training programmes.

Mr Kakuwa said his Ministry had received numerous reports from youths claiming that they were being charged money to get employed or undergo training to access finances by the Multi-Service Community Youth Empowerment Organization.

Mr Kakuwa advised youths to desist from paying any youth organization monies to facilitate access to loans and employment.

He said the ministry had suspended the youth development fund and was providing other loan schemes.

However, Multi-Service Community Youth Empowerment Coordinator Christine Phiri dispelled assertions that it was trying to swindle youths.

Ms Phiri said that her organisation which is represented in 53 districts across the country only trains youths in basic survival and trade skills at a fee.

She said that her organisation facilitates job placement for youths it trains who cannot find jobs on their own.

Ms Phiri however admited that her Organization subjects new youth employees to pay a mandatory training fee for intensive orientation and training.

Some youths were offered jobs with a monthly K6, 000.00 package subject to them paying k1, 500.00 to the organization to undergo intensive training.

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