By Elijah Phiri

IT is time of the year when many pupils are involved in writing examinations or accessed to advance in their education career. Those in grade seven, nine and twelve completed writing their examinations. While the young ones in pre-school are assessed to step into grade one class. In all these stages of assessment, pupils need to be motivated and encouraged to perform better.

Motivation is key at every level of education advancement. It is for this reason that many schools especially those in the private sector have adopted graduation ceremonies as a mode of inspiring and encouraging pupils to work hard and advance in their education career. It is no longer the preserve of the universities to conduct graduation ceremonies for their students as many primary schools do conduct similar graduation ceremonies every year for their pupils. The target pupils are mainly those in pre-school and grade seven classes.

In Lusaka, the last few weeks were a hive of activities as many primary schools held their graduation ceremonies for their pupils. The events brought together parents, teachers and pupils to celebrate the achievements of the deserving pupils.  Parents and teachers gathered to celebrate the achievements of the pupils who are expected to migrate into grade eight, for those who wrote their grade seven examinations while those in pre-school are expected to have a feel of the learningt in grade one classes.

For example, at Don Gordon School, parents, teachers and pupils gathered to witness the graduation of the deserving pupils in their respective classes. The atmosphere was that of pomp and splendor. The pupils spent the whole day entertaining their parents with some traditional dances. Clad in graduation gowns, the pupils were a marvel to watch. Some graduating pupils took turn taking photos with friends and parents. It was an exciting moment for the graduating pupils.

At Over Hill School, the scenario was the same with some teachers failing to resist the temptation of joining in performing some dances with their graduating pupils.

The grade seven pupils were majestically escorted and ushered into the school main hall by the Police brass band. They were made to match for a few metres away from school premises to showcase their graduation regalia and excitement. Some parents added a flare to the ceremony as they were randomly selected to sing, cite poems and dance in front of their children. The graduation pupils were awarded with completion certificates. To show their happiness, many of the parents presented various gifts to their children. This provided an opportunity for some traders to cash in as they sold some gifts to the excited parents.

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