Senanga District Commissioner (DC) Vivian Mubukwanu has called on youths in the district to take advantage of natural resources in the district in order to improve their livelihoods.

Speaking during the youth day celebrations, Mr. Mubukwanu said the district has potential areas of growth in Agriculture, Tourism, Fishing that can be used in improving productivity, creativity and innovation among youths in the district.

Mr. Mubukwanu said government targets to create over 1000 jobs for the youths through the cashew infrastructure development project and that will be achieved if youths show interest in the project.

The DC said tremendous progress in developing the province can be achieved if youths use their energy productively as the 2010 census showed 79 percent in Western Province being youths.

He said based on this year’s theme leveraging opportunities for youth through information communication technology (ICT), government will continue leveraging opportunities for the youths through development of ICT infrastructure and human resource.

The DC further urged youths not to be used as tools of violence but instead be innovative and embrace ICT in order to contribute positively to the growth of the economy.

He added that government distinguishes youths as an invaluable asset for national development and recognizes substantial contribution that they make towards social and economic progress of the country.

Meanwhile, Senanga District Youth Committee Chairperson George Daka called on government to give youths opportunities such as access to land and funds as an immediate intervention to empowerment.

Mr. Daka said the district has vast land that can be created as markets to offer new business and employment opportunities for the youths.

He further commended youths doing notable projects especially those involved in the ICT business.

Mr. Daka also commended government for rendering help to the youths in the district by supporting the different youth projects.

And District Education Resource Centre Coordinator Kabutu Lubasi said the Ministry of General Education introduced Computer Studies in schools as a learning area in order to stimulate youths to be creative and have analytical skills in ICT and entrepreneurship.

Ms. Lubasi said with the increase in internet access youths should detest from bad vices such as cyber-crime.

Senanga District youths also displayed their various activities in groups during the youth day celebrations.

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