Three people of the same family in Chiombo village of Chief Mwenewisi’s chiefdom in Mafinga district, Muchinga Province, have died after being struck by lightning.

Among the dead is Chiombo village headman, who died alongside his wife and daughter inside their home after being struck by lightning around 17:00 hours yesterday.

The 3 have been identified as Laison Mulambia aged 63, Neliss Nakanyika 40 and Dory Mulambia aged 5.

The deceased where discovered by villagers who later reported the incident to Mwenewisi Ward Councillor Blackson Mulambia.

And speaking in an interview with ZANIS, Mafinga District Commissioner Vivian Namwayi has expressed sadness over the death of the village headman and his family.

She said that the people of Chiombo village have lost a great leader in village headman Chiombo and has since sent his condolences to the family of the deceased and to the Mwenewisi Royal Establishment.

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