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A SCAM of fake adoption, acquisition of National Registration Cards (NRCs) and Zambian passports has continued at departments of Social Welfare and National Registration Cards under Ministry of Community Development and Social Welfare; and Home Affairs respectively

Suspected Zambians of Indian origin are colluding with Social Welfare staff to facilitate the adoption of Indian national for the purpose of acquiring Zambian citizenship and later on sneak into the country their families from India.

Intelligence sources have revealed that a scam involved some prominent Zambians of Indian origin and government workers under the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services and Home Affairs has continued unabated.

According to Intelligence sources, the elderly foreigners mainly from India are lured into the country by some prominent Zambians of Indian origin before being paraded before a network of Social Welfare and Department of National Registration officers to get adopted and obtain NRCs respectively.

“We have a dangerous situation at hard. There is a growing number of Indian nationals acquiring fake nationality. Please expose this syndicate of Indians that are entering the country under this same corruption matrix. These are adults…These foreigners enter the country on the pretext that they are orphans and get adopted by  unscrupulous Zambians of Indian origin before being secure fake National Registration Cards at a fee,” disclosed a source. “This business has been going on for some time now. We have information that even Patriotic Front deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri has written to the Minister of Home Affairs Hon. Kampyongo to complain about the escalating cases fake adoptions and corruption at social welfare and department of national registration cards.”

According to sources, the adopted “orphans” range between the age of 18 and 30 years and that some of them even leave behind their families in India before entering the country to acquire the citizenship dubiously.

“After settling in the country for few months, they travel back to Indian to pick up their families. How can a family person be adopted as an orphan?” asked an intelligence source.

The sources disclosed that the suspected “orphans” are asked to pay between $100 000 and $150 000 in order to get adopted and acquire Zambian citizenship.

“Cases of these fake orphans travelling back to Indian to bring their families after settling in the country are on the increase. This need to be checked before it extends to other nationals who may take advantage to acquire fame nationality,” said a source. “Some government workers at Social Welfare and Department of National Registration Cards are cashing in on this business. This is a security threat.”

According to sources, Lusaka district social welfare office and Boma national registration offices were the centre of the fake adoption matrix.


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