Kabwe Municipal Council (KMC) has welcomed the Statutory Instrument (SI) number 65 of 2018 that bans the use of plastics carrier bags and other plastic related materials below 30 microns in thickness.

KMC Director of Public Health, Paul Mukuka said the regulation states that only plastic bags above 30 microns will be allowed in commercial outlets and business houses because of durability and can be recycled.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Kabwe today, Mr Mukuka said any other plastic that falls below that will not be allowed because they cannot be recycled and are toxic to the environment.

He said in as much as some commercial outlets still have bulk products of these plastics which are below 30 microns, at an appropriate time will no longer be allowed and their possession will be prohibited forthwith.

He stated that the move is aimed at re-enforcing the Keep Zambia Clean, Green and Healthy campaign while, embracing a way of life for every citizen that avoids buying food stuffs from vendors as it poses a health risky.

Mr Mukuka added that, the SI will also reduce the cost of service delivery because the local authority spends huge amount of money to clear the blocked drainage especially during the rainy season.

He encouraged everyone to support the SI for the municipality to achieve the clean, green and healthy status in line with the national policy direction.

He warned that anyone found throwing litter indiscriminately will be apprehended and prosecuted to deter other would be culprits.

Mr Mukuka moreover indicated that a good number of people have already been prosecuted for throwing plastics anyhow including those from moving vehicles or on the streets.

He observed that the indiscriminate throwing of litter on the street comes with a huge cost of unblocking the drainage system and responsible for sporadic cases of Cholera.

Mr Mukuka has called on Kabwe residents to be responsible and adopt hygienic life styles to prevent diseases such as Cholera.

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