Sikongo District Commissioner Bright Tombi has counselled women in the district to only bear a number of children that they can support.

The DC says even if the bible instructs that one multiplies and fill the earth, it is absolutely unfair for women and their partners to introduce innocent lives in this world and subject them to harsh realities of poverty.

Speaking when he donated 250kgs of mealie meal to the mother’s shelter as food for expectant mothers at Sikongo Rural health Centre, Mr. Tombi urged the young mothers to seriously adhere to family planning initiatives.

He wondered why residents, especially mothers, were continuously flocking to his office for help in terms of relief food but at same time neglect controlling themselves from unplanned bearing of children.

Meanwhile Sikongo Rural Health Centre Nurse In-charge, Catherine Phiri Chansa, urged her fellow women present to ensure that all expecting mothers from their various communities deliver from a designated health centre/post to avoid maternal complications.

Sikongo District ranks among the poorest districts in Zambia but is now known for having a fairly high fertility rate.

However, the population growth remains gradual due to factors such as emigration of residents to places like the provincial capital, Mongu, and national capital Lusaka in search for employment and better livelihoods.

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