Aspiring candidates in Chitwa, Kanabilumbu and Mangango Wards by-elections in Kaoma District have successfully filled in their Nominations papers.

Meanwhile UNIP and NDC candidates have not managed to file in their candidates.

Those that have their Nomination papers verified and validated in Chitwa Ward are PF’s Amuyendu Akwandu, while the UPND have fielded in Tauzeni Libinga.

In Kanabilumbu Ward, PF has picked Mathias Mwezala and the UPND candidate is Micheck Mundandwe.

And In Mangango Ward PF picked Eneless Nyirenda, while the UPND got Richard Liwoyo.

All the candidates have pledged peace during and after campaigns and are confident of scooping their respective seats.

The Nominations which were running concurrently in all the three Wards were conducted in a peaceful atmosphere.

The by-elections in Kaoma District were necessitated following resignations by the opposition UPND Councillors who defected to the PF.

Electoral Commission of Zambia has set July 30th as a day for voting.

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