Cattle farmers in Libonda area of Kalabo district have appealed to government to consider engaging abattoirs to pay them a fair price on their beef.

Speaking during a stakeholders’ meeting held in Libonda, one of the cattle farmers Mazike Muzumi lamented that farmers felt exploited by abattoirs owing to the high cost of raising cattle against the low price of meat offered in return.

Mr. Muzumi said abattoirs have reduced the price of meat from K19 to K14 per kilogram at a time when suppliers expected an increment.

Abattoirs in other provinces were offering more than K20 per kilogram of meat supplied.

Mr. Muzumi disclosed that cattle farmers in the area would have no option but boycott supplying meat to local abattoirs if the status quo is maintained.

Meanwhile, Mr. Muzumi has appealed to government to consider embarking on a cattle restocking and breeding exercise.

He disclosed that many cattle farmers had lost their herds to Contagious Bovine Pleural Pneumonia (CBPP) and armed rustlers.

He observed that the problem was being worsened by the severe drought situation which has resulted in lack of pastures, adding that crop farmers have violated the rights of livestock by encroaching on pasture land.

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