The forestry Department in Siavonga District in Southern Province says it is disappointed with the manner  Charcoal burners  are destroying  trees through burning the roots.

Siavonga Forestry District Acting Officer Victoria Banda disclosed that burning trees from the roots, gives no hope for trees to grow again and   might turn the district into a desert.

“Burning roots of a tree is killing a future generation for both humans and animals,” Mrs.Mwaya said.

Forestry Acting Officer explained that  although the cutting down of trees has a negative but even digging out roots for charcoal was  and contributing to poor rain fall and consequently impact on the climate.

Siavonga  District already experiences higher temperatures because of being in the valley and charcoal production if not controlled can destroy the nature.

Forestry Officer has  to  this effect called on the Siavonga community to protect their environment and preserve it to for the future generation.

And Chief Chipepo of the Tonga Speaking people in Siavonga district has expressed sadness with the manner charcoal is being harvested using  bushfires to cut trees.

The Traditional leader narrated that in the past people never used to burn charcoal, to sustain their living instead they depended upon farming and other craft work such basket making.

Chief Chipepo has cautioned the charcoal burners to desist from burning  roots of the trees when producing charcoal.

“Start planting trees in your farms so that you can be producing charcoal from your own trees not in  my Chiefdom”, Traditional leader advised.

Chief Chipepo has  consequently appealed to government to make a law in the constitution that will protect nature and stop charcoal burning in the country.

And last year, the four Traditional leaders, Chipepo, Simamba, Sikoongo and Sinadambwe of Siavonga District had abolished Charcoal production in their Chiefdoms but charcoal bunners have continued.

While Charcoal burners have explained that charcoal burning helps them to sustain their living.

One of the Charcoal traders Sibbe Kamizye noted that charcoal selling is her only source of income to support her family and take her children to school.

Mrs. Kamizye disclosed that with the hunger situation faced by the district because drought charcoal business gives her a living.

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