Chief Mphuka of the Chikunda people of Luangwa District has called on political parties participating in the Mandombe Local Government by-election to conduct peaceful campaigns ahead of the polls.

The traditional leader emphasized the need to embrace peace and unity during the campaigns to ensure that the by-election runs smoothly.

Chief Mphuka said this in an exclusive interview with ZANIS in Luangwa yesterday.

“What I want is peace, and people to vote peacefully, let us put our hands together and see that the elections go well,” he said.

He urged the candidates vying for the Mandombe ward seat that whoever wins the seat should work hard for the people and complete the projects left by the former councilor, Julius Sikasote.

Chief Mphuka has also commended Mr Sikasote for his hard work and for spearheading development in the ward.

The by-election was necessitated by the appointment of the former councilor, Julius Sikasote to the position of District Commissioner.

The Mandombe local government seat is being contested by the candidates from the two parties namely, the ruling Patriotic Front and the Opposition United Party for National Development.

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