Child scavengers on the increase

The Samaritan Strategy Foundation of Zambia (SSFZ) has unearthed a scandal in which children
are being forced to scavenge on rubbish dumps to survive and contribute to family income.

Foundation Director Pastor Charles Mambo said the trend mostly occurs in low income townships in the district.

Pastor Mambo explained in an interview that children often spend their time wading through rubbish pits every day to collect scrap metal to sale to unscrupulous dealers .
Noting that the trend has negatively impacted in children’s school attendance, Pastor Mumba disclosed that his foundation had found that children were not even given enough much by the people sending them because they sale the scrap metal to middlemen who sale it to scrap dealers and often earn large profits.

“We collected our data from Twapia, Nkwazi, Masala, Lubuto and Kaloko townships where children as young as ten years are found salvaging waste from dump sites looking for scrap metal to sale. From the interaction we had with the children, we established that parents are not providing them and hunger is forcing them to fend for themselves,“ he said.

Revealing that prices the scrap metal is fetching between K5 and K30, Pastor Mambo called for stakeholder engagement in order to address the issue at hand which he said was affecting the future crop of the country.

He said there was need to put up stringent regulatory measures in curtailing scrap metal dealers and protect the children.

He said the foundation will soon avail the document containing findings and recommendations to address the issue to the office of the Ndola District commissioner office for action.




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