Government Chief Whip, Brian Mundubile has appealed to community leaders to take a leading role to educate people in their respective areas to turn-up in numbers to register as voters ahead of next year’s general elections.

Mr Mundubile, who is also Patriotic Front (PF), Chilubi mainland Campaign Manager for the Council Chairperson by-election, said there is need to create awareness on the upcoming registration exercise which starts on October 28, 2020.

ZANIS reports that Mr Mundubile was speaking to journalists shortly after addressing public meetings to drum up support for PF candidate, Rosemary Chimbini in the Chilubi Council Chairperson by-election slated for October 22, 2020.

Mr Mundubile said all eligible voters need to obtain new cards as the old ones will be invalid for next year’s general elections.

“We are asking our leaders to help us inform people on the forthcoming voter registration exercise so that they obtain cards and be able to take part in the 2021 polls,” Mr Mundubile said/

And Mr Mundubile has called for increased sensitization on the importance of voting to reduce voter apathy.

He said it is worrying that voter turnout in recent elections has continued to reduce hence the need for leaders at various levels to get involved in voter education.

“We see huge crowds at rallies but when it comes to voting, it is only a handful of people. We need people to understand why it is important for them to vote and hold elected leaders accountable. Community leaders should educate electorates on the need to vote,” he advised.

Earlier, Lubansenshi Member of Parliament, George Mwamba also appealed to eligible voters to ensure that they obtain cards during the registration period.

Mr Mwamba said people need to be aware that the cards used in the 2016 general elections will no longer be of use as the Electoral Commission of Zambia is introducing new ones.

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