Choma District Commissioner (DC) Sheena Muleya has issued a one month ultimatum to Choma Municipal Council to close down illegal beer  outlets locally known as “shebeens” that are operating near schools, hospitals and churches.

Ms Muleya said institutions such as schools, hospitals and churches need to be respected hence no illegal beer outlets should operate near them.

“We do allow bars, but they should be in designated areas. Sick people and learners do not need a noisy environment.” The DC stressed.

Ms Muleya warned   that if the “shebeen” owners fail to comply, they risk being dragged to the courts of law and face prosecution in addition to having their musical instruments confiscated.

She was speaking during the District Epidemic Preparedness Committee meeting held in Choma today.

The DC has also commended the municipal council and the veterinary department for their joint efforts in sensitizing the community on the importance of vaccinating their dogs, in order to prevent the outbreak of rabies.

And speaking earlier, Senior Health Inspector at Choma Municipal Council, Stephen Chama disclosed that the local authority is in the process of procuring ammunition in preparation for the cropping of stray and unregistered dogs.

Mr Chama however, said the vaccination rate has improved from 20 to 25 percent.

He stated that the council is working hand in hand with the police to ensure that each household in urban areas should not have more than two dogs

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