Senior Chief Chiwala of Masaiti district, on the Copperbelt Province has implored the Church to be cautious when handling issues of national interest.

The traditional leader, who implored the church to focus on unifying the country, as opposed to siding with politicians, noted that failure to do so will be neglecting their core of winning souls into the kingdom of God by emphasising salvation.

ZANIS reports that Senior Chief Chiwala noted that the church is supposed to be a place where people seek solace and sanctuary in God, regardless of their political affiliation.

He added if churches take sides for the sake of expediency, it will be difficult to manage their flock, who are part of the voting masses.

Senior Chief Chiwala who is also the Lamba-Lima Royal Establishment Chairperson, said there are a lot of vices going on in the country, which need the church to stand in its strongest appeal and condemn.

The traditional leader cited political violence which he said has potential to set the nation into flames if not addressed.

He also noted that excessive abusive of alcohol and drugs among youths, early and teenage pregnancies, and Gender Based Violence among others which the church should work tirelessly to address.

He added that the church and traditional leadership should work together while being neutral and defuse the tension that is gradually infesting the nation.

Senior Chief Chiwala has also called on political players to dialogue further on the

National dialogue bill and agree to resolve the grey areas amicably.

He further called on Members of Parliament to put the interest of the people first, before their own interests as the National Dialogue Bill is being tabled in Parliament, adding that this can only be achieved with concerted efforts from all stakeholders.

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