United Church of Zambia (UCZ)  Northern Presbytery Bishop Maybin Mulenga has advised Zambians  to abide by the country’s Christian values.

Bishop Mulenga says rather than being swayed by western culture , citizens should embrace christian values going by the Republican constitution which in its preamble  recognises Zambia as a Christian nation.

The clergyman says Zambia is a sovereign state which has its own values and culture which need to be protected from outside influence.

“It regrettable that some Zambians are being influenced by western culture to conduct practices deemed as immoral to Christianity, “  he said.

ZANIS reports that the clergyman said this in an interview in reaction to United States Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote  who described the sentencing of two Zambians to 15 years imprisonment for committing a crime against the order of nature as horrifying.

However , the Clergyman said while the sentencing of the Kapiri gay couple might seem harsh, it is the only way of upholding morality among Christians.

Bishop Mulenga observed that this will also serve as a warning to would be offenders as the  act of homosexuality is unacceptable before God and humanity.

He stressed that homosexuality and any forms of sexual acts against the order of nature is an abomination and illegal according to the laws of Zambia.

Last week the Lusaka High Court sentenced two men of Kapiri District to 15 years imprisonment for practicing homosexuality.

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