Michelo Mweemba

Chembe Town Council in Chembe District has commenced the implementation of projects under the 2018 Constituency Development and Equalization Funds.

The projects which include construction of 1×3 classroom blocks in various wards, markets and bus shelters are in their initial stage while others are yet to be commenced.

Chembe Member of Parliament Dr. Sebastian Kopulande toured some of the projects where he was impressed with progress being made so far especially at Kashiki Primary School where the building is at rental level while he expressed concern with some of them.

ZANIS reports that Dr. Kopulande was worried that the sizes of the markets being constructed under equalization fund in the district are too small to accommodate a good number of traders who currently are trading along the road sides.

He explained that it is the mandate of the Patriotic Front government to ensure that all traders are given decent and habitable trading places hence the need to ensure that market structures that are being constructed are spacious and big enough to accommodate as many people as possible.

He said the 12 x 9 meters market structures being constructed in Lukola, Kashiki, Lupili and Muombe will limit the number of people that would like to engage in decent trading activities hence the need to expand them by 5 meters in width.

Dr. Kopulande has since asked the local authorities in Chembe District to revise the measurements of the market structures as well as bus shelters on the drawings to much bigger strictures that will benefit majority of the people in the district.

And responding to concerns raised by the Member of Parliament, Chembe Council Secretary Joel Shawa assured the MP that he will table the matter before the full council so that necessary budget adjustments can be made since the allocations for the current drawings were already approved and being implemented.

Mr. Shawa explained that such decisions cannot easily be made because of certain guidelines that need to be followed.

He has however said he will ensure that he does everything possible to see to it that these adjustments are made according to the concerns of the people.

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