The Coordination, Corporation, and Communication Initiative  (CCCI) Chinsali Chapter has donated blankets worthy K14, 500 to Chinsali Correctional facility.

And speaking during the handover,  Muchinga Province Minister Malozo Sichone challenged the inmates to be transformed saying it is only through transformation that they can be rehabilitated.

In a speech read on his behalf by Muchinga Deputy Permanent Secretary Jonathan Ng’onga,  said the inmates should learn from their mistakes saying they should not find themselves in the situation once they are out.

He added that inmates should also not be encouraged with donations by various organizations.

Mr. Sichone further called on the facility management to continue imparting skills to the inmates saying it is the hope of  the government that the situation in Correctional facilities is improved.

“Chinsali Correctional Services is facing a number of challenges which can be controlled if measures are put in place, “  he said.

The Provincial Minister  thanked the CCCI for the donation saying it is a great opportunity for CCCI which has come on board to help government achieve its objective of taking care of the inmates.

And CCCI Chinsali Chapter Chairperson, Chinkashi Chilingala said the donation has been made possible through various departments and individuals.

Mr. Chilingala who is also the Principal Resident Magistrate, said the CCCI saw it important to donate the blankets to the facility following the challenges the facility is facing.

Mr Chilingala said it is the duty of the CCCI  to ensure that facilities such as correctional benefit through such donations.

The CCCI Chairperson also thanked the Provincial Minister and the Permanent Secretary who also contributed greatly towards the same donation saying CCCI will endeavour to make the lives of the inmates and the community at large more meaningful.

Meanwhile, Muchinga Regional Commander for the Correctional Service,   Julius Nyirenda said the donation will complement Government’s efforts saying the facility is overwhelmed with the huge number of inmates in Correctional facilities such as Chinsali.

The  facility which is meant for 52 inmates is currently accommodating over 200 inmates describing the situation as a huge challenge.

The Regional Commander  further thanked CCCI for making the donation at the facility.

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