Itezhi Tezhi Magistrates Court has convicted and slapped a three months sentence on a 19 year old youth who broke  into a house with intent to steal.

Magistrate Mugala Chalwe convicted Muyunda Muyunda, 19, a casual worker   of Kataba Compound in Itezhi Tezhi  District in Central Province, when he pleaded guilty to burglary.

Muyunda  was arrested on August  10, 2020 and was charged with burglary with intent to  commit a felony  contrary to section  to section  301(b)  chapter  87 of the  laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offense are that Muyunda on July 28, 2020 in Itezhi Tezhi did break and enter into a dwelling house of Tommy Munyinda with intent to commit a felony.

Facts before court were that on July 28, 2020 around 24:00 hours, the complainant in  the matter  Tommy Munyinda,  of Masemu Compound in Itezhi Tezhi  secured  his house  and everything was left intact  in the house when he went to sleep.

The court further heard that around 02:00 hours, he saw Muyunda in his house and he shouted for help and Muyunda took off but was later apprehended.

With the help of the neighbour, the accused was taken to Itezhi Tezhi Police Station where he was charged with the subject offence.

State Prosecutor, Samadi Banda stated that Muyunda had had no justification to break into Munyinda’s house.

Magistrates Mugala Chalwe found him guilty as charged.

In mitigation, Muyunda said he realized what he did was wrong and pleaded for maximum leniency as he was a first offender and that he was a single orphan.

“I have considered that you committed the offence at night and this can attract a jail term of 7 years,” said Magistrate Chalwe in passing sentence.

She said the court gave him credit because he did not waste its time by admitting the charge.

Magistrate Chalwe said the accused cannot go unpunished as the offence he committed was serious and sentenced him to three months simple imprisonment with effect from the day he was arrested.

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