Catholic Diocese of Mansa Bishop, Patrick Chisanga has urged political parties in the country to disarm and ceasefire fire, for the good of the country.

Bishop Chisanga points out that it is not worth it to spill blood of innocent people  in the name of wanting political power.

He observes that political violence should not be tolerated in a Christian Nation.

Bishop Chisanga regrets that 55 years after independence, some people still wants to use violence to ascend or remain into power.

Speaking during the Diocesan Pilgrimage for the catholic church at Santa Maria Parish in Kawambwa, Bishop Chisanga emphasised that political violence should not be tolerated at any level in the country.

He points out that all political parties should preach peace and unity as Zambia is bigger than individuals.

Bishop Chisanga says this is why the  catholic church has  been calling for genuine dialogue where all political parties will be involved .

The Bishop explains that as a church they cannot just be watching while things are not okay especially when it comes to political violence in the country.

He notes that political parties might have divergent views but this does not mean they should be treating each other like enemies.

Bishop Chisanga says as a church they will always be welcoming everyone who come to church regardless of ones political affiliation.

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