Chitambo Area Member of Parliament Chanda Mutale has instructed the District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) to list down all teachers appearing on the Chitambo Payroll but are not working in the district to be submitted to the Teaching Service Commission so that they are recalled.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS today, Mr. Mutale said all teachers appearing on the district payroll must come back to the district or risk being banned from the teaching service.

He said if those teachers want to belong to the schools where they are currently teaching, they should find a way of swapping as the payroll should be left at the school where it was established.

“I want the DEBS to write down all those teachers who have congested our payroll and are not here, submit the list and they shall be looked upon critically, its either they come back or risk losing their jobs,” he said.

The parliamentarian said the situation of having teachers elsewhere is robbing away the much needed manpower for schools especially those in rural areas.

He applauded the Teaching Commission for the initiative of ensuring teachers report to schools they were posted adding that the move comes as a relief to Members of Parliament who will no longer have to ask for teachers for their respective constituencies as all those on the payroll will be called back.

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