Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs, Rev Godfridah Sumaili, says divorces are a serious source of concern to government.

Speaking during the wedding reception for Cecilia Galasia and Manase Phiri in Kabwe yesterday, Rev Sumaili said government wants to see strong families because they  make strong communities and nations.

She said divorces in the country are of great concern to government and urged for the promotion of family values in every home.

She thanked Cecilia and Manase for honouring their parents by following the marriage process that is ordained by God.

Rev Sumaili told the couple that marriage is the idea of God and should not be a trial but for life and that God has given a secret of divine arrangement or guidance for a successful marriage.

She warned of co-habiting saying it is not of God and parents should not condone it in their households.

The Minister also advised married men to listen to their wives and love them while imploring married women to submit to their husbands in all things.

And the father to the groom, Bishop Wilson Phiri, advised the couple to seek guidance when not sure of direction of their matrimonial journey.

Meanwhile, a family representative of the bride, Charles Chekapu, advised the couple to be always true to each other.

The wedding reception was preceded by a Church Service in the morning at Ebenezer Tabernacle Church.

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