Dziko Langa Club has held its first exhibition on the sensitization of Cholera in Kanyama Constituency.

The club which is educating the youths and children of Kanyama Constituency on the dangers that comes with cholera has today showcased its exhibition of poor conditioned structures.

Speaking at the event held in Lusaka today, Kanyama Member of Parliament (MP) Elizabeth Phiri said people should take responsibility by maintaining high standards of hygiene in the area.

Ms. Phiri stated that Dziko Langa is one of the few existing sanitation and health clubs and as such, has faced challenges with regards the implementation of its programs.

She added that the club intended to improve the sanitation conditions of the community by educating the residents.

Ms. Phiri noted that Kanyama as well as Chawama are two of the main epicentres of cholera outbreak, loss of lives, riots, school closures and markets.

She noted that government has embarked on extensive projects to extend infrastructure development in the health centres and communities.

Ms. Phiri however, made clear that the army were brought into the streets in order to help clean in hard hit areas.

Speaking at the same event, Dziko Langa Founder Sikopo Nyambe said the club is working hard to ensure that more youths and children take part in the sensitization programme.

Ms. Nyambe expressed happiness that club members have shown commitment in educating the residents of Kanyama area.

She however, stated that the club has faced challenges since it started the programme because some residents are not compliant.

Ms. Nyambe also urged other youths and children who are not involved to take part and become members of the Dziko Langa club to help educate people about sanitation issues.

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