Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) Chairperson for Kabwe District, Khomani Ng’ambi, has advised farmers to embrace conversation farming in the wake of climate change challenges.

Mr Ng’ambi says farmers should adapt to conversation farming methods to achieve good yields in the wake of unpredictable rainfall patterns.

Speaking in a phone interview with ZANIS in Kabwe today, Mr Ng’ambi said the only way farmers can avoid poor harvest is by practicing smart agriculture that can retain water and crops’ nutrients.

He encouraged farmers to practice crops diversification as opposed to reliance on growing maize which is prone to drought weather conditions.

He said practicing traditional farming should not be the only option for farmers because of rainfall pattern variations.

Mr Ng’ambi has challenged farmers to be abreast with smart agriculture technologies in order to produce enough for national and household food security.

He also advised farmers to explore other agriculture markets and not entirely depend on government.

He urged farmers to plant early and mid-maturing crop varieties to avoid being caught unaware in case of the anticipated droughts.

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