Small-Scale Farmers Development Agency (SAFADA) Director Boyd Moobwe has appealed to Government to empower small-scale farmers in the country with more land so that they are able to practice diversified farming.

Mr. Moobwe told ZANIS in Lusaka today, that small-scale farmers should be given more than 10 hectors of land to purchase so that they are able to diversify farming and take it as an activity that can employ and sustain their lives.

He added that if a small-scale farmer can afford more than ten hectors of land, he should be given to purchase and not be limited to having less than ten hectors of land each.

Mr. Moobwe wondered how small-scale farmers can diversify in farming when they are only given as less as five hectors of land each to farm on and are expected to have livestock and a variety of crops on the same farm.

He explained that empowerment of small-scale farmers with land will encourage farmers to continue farming and attract other people to start farming thereby, bringing about agricultural development in the country.

SAFADA Director further appealed to government to be clear in land allocation to avoid land disputes emanating from situations where a piece of land is owned by more than one farmer.

He however, said that it is important that small-scale farmers are protected and given incentives that they need like more land in order to add value to agricultural produce in the country.

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