The Energy Regulations Board (ERB) has commenced the second phase of fuel marking to curb illegal fuel vending in the country.

ZANIS reports that ERB Director General, Langiwe Lungu has warned that those championing the vice risk having their operational licenses revoked coupled with other larger penalties.

Ms Lungu explained that the Board was compelled to introduce fuel marking whose first phase started in 2018 to help reduce on illegal fuel vending adding that steady progress is being made to reduce the vice.

“By introducing fuel marking we are now able to tell that the fuel had been adulterated and we are also able to tell what adulterant has been used,” Ms Lungu said.

She further said the move also tends to curtail tax evasion as the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) will also be on board to fine those who will be avoiding tax by smuggling the commodity in  country.

“Through this exercise, we have seen most of the people who were involved now know that they will be caught and aware of the penalties that will apply when found wanting,” she said.

Ms Lungu noted that dealers were given enough time to comply through various sensitisations and engagements.

She expressed optimism that the new technology will further push down cases of fuel adulteration in the country especially in border areas where the illegal transactions are rampant.

Ms Lungu reiterated that her team will go down to every part of the country and see to it that sanity is brought in the fuel subsector.

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