The Kitwe Chamber of Commerce has called on government to ensure that there is a conducive business environment in the country as it tries to woo investors through investment expositions that are being held in provinces.

Chamber vice president Emmanuel Mbambiko told ZANIS in Kitwe that the expositions would not yield any significant investments if the business environment is not conducive.

Mr. Mbambiko cited taxes, electricity, transport, and labour laws as some of the issues that need to be revisited to make the country a favourable investment destination.

He further noted that the newly revised employment code was detrimental to progressive investment as it seems to favour workers at the expense of the business owners.

“It is literally like running business for the sole benefit of the workers,” Mr. Mbambiko lamented.

He cited the six months maternity leave for women and the requirement to pay workers when they go on leave as some of the contents of the code that are detrimental to business.

Mr. Mbambiko further noted that there was need to clear several corruption allegations levelled against some government officials and private institutions that help boost investor confidence.

He noted that if these allegations are not cleared and talks continue in the media, the country will lose potential investors who he said will be uncomfortable to invest their money in a nation that is perceived to be corrupt.

A number of provinces in Zambia have so far held investment expositions aimed at attracting foreign direct investment in various sectors especially agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and aquaculture among others.

Currently, the Copperbelt expo is running and several potential investment sites from all the 10 districts in the region have been displayed to potential investors.

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