Chieftainess Waitwika of the Namwanga people of Nakonde District in Northern province has advised farmers to stop dependency on maize cultivation but get  back to growing cassava and millet.

Chieftainess Waitwika made the appeal  when works and supply Minister Silvia Chalikosa paid a courtesy call on her over the weekend.

Chieftainess Waitwika said the northern part of the country was known for growing cassava and millet on a large scale and this helped many farmers to provide food for their families throughout the year.

The Chieftainess added that many farmers would not experience the hunger that some of them are experiencing as cassava and millet can easily be grown even without fertilizer.

She  pointed out that dependency on maize made some farmers experience hunger because they cannot afford to buy enough fertilizer for proper yields.

Chieftainess Waitwika also thanked the Government for sending Farming inputs to her District on time.

Nakonde District has a good rainfall pattern and the receiving of farming inputs on time means a good harvest, she said.

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