Copperbelt Provincial Fisheries and Livestock Coordinator Webby Fumpa says government has established security check points in some parts of the districts on the Copperbelt to prevent foot and mouth disease from spreading.

Mr Fumpa said the security check points in the province have been placed in Chingola, and Kitwe districts at kamfinsa daily farm.

ZANIS reports that the coordinator confirmed five districts recorded cases of foot and mouth disease and these include Masaiti  Mpongwe Lufwanyama Chingola and Kitwe saying that the disease has since been contained though some animals  still remain suspected carriers.

He said about eight cases from Mpongwe Lufwanyama and Masaiti were from the traditional farm sector while Chingola and kitwe recorded cases from two commercial farms which are A and H farm in Chingola and Kamfinsa daily farm in Kitwe.

Mr Fumpa said officers are going round in farms in the affected districts including the ones that have not recorded any case to check for any possible cases.

He has advised people who want to visit various farms on the district to take preventive measures put in place to avoid spreading the disease from one animal to the other.

He further said a team of specialists from Lusaka had also passed through A and H farm in Chingola where the disease had spread and took samples of the animals.

He noted that the Fisheries and Livestock department has also created awareness sensitization programs through community meetings and the media to sensitize the people on how to prevent the foot and mouth disease on the Copperbelt province.

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