The Kitwe City Council has expressed deep concern with continued unlawful exhuming of bodies by unknown people at Nakayombo cemetery.

KCC Public Relations Manager Choka Mwamba disclosed to ZANIS in Kitwe   today, that from January 1st, 2020 to – date, four dead bodies have been exhumed at the burial site.

Ms Mwamba has since warned the perpetrators that the long arm of the law will catch up with them as such evil acts breach the Public Health Act.

“As the local authority we have commenced sensitization exercise in communities to enlighten people on the offence .This week, officers from Public Health department will commence a sensitization programme to educate Kitwe residents on the dangers associated with illegal exhumation of dead bodies from authorized cemeteries,” she said.

Ms Mwamba said the act is in breach of the Public Health Act and if one is found wanting and convicted of the offence they will save a jail term.

She said the public should be aware that illegal exhumation of dead bodies for whatever reasons is unacceptable and inhumane behavior that the local authority cannot condone.

“Exhumation of a person’s body in Zambia can only be authorized for purposes such as carrying out an inquiry or an autopsy on the death of a person and transferring of a body from one burial site to another and this can only be done through a lawful procedure,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Ms Mwamba has further disclosed that in a related development a 25 year-old man of Chamboli Township was on Tuesday found removing name tags from burial sites.

She said a named man was apprehended carrying a number of them in a sack and has since been handed over to the police and is being detained at Luangwa Police Station. 

“We are appealing to residents to refrain from loitering in cemeteries and tempering with burial sites of the deceased because it is against the law.

She said the local authority is doing its best to ensure that the city’s six burial sites namely Nkana East, Chamboli, Chingola Road, Nakayombo, Chisokone and Zamtan are protected.

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