Government is determined to ensure The Police Public Complaints Commission has embarked on a sensitisation program to educate members in Central Province to guard against police brutality.

Commission Chairperson Fredrick Musonda said the commission wants to ensure that members of the public are made aware of their right to complain against police officers who brutalise and abuse citizens in their course of duty.

Speaking during a meeting with Heads of Government Departments in Itezhi Tezhi district, Mr Musonda said police officers are there to maintain law and order and not to brutalise and abuse suspects.

Mr Musonda said that police officers are required to behave in a more professional manner.

“We are conducting senistisation in Central Province to ensure the general public is made aware that they are able to complain against wrongful detention, human rights abuse and the use of vulgar language by police officers,” Mr. Musonda said.

The Police Public Complaints Commissioner said there were a few police officers denting the image of the police service which needs to be addressed urgently.

Mr Musonda urged the general public to always ensure that their rights are not trampled upon by police officers and immediately report situations where they are being brutalized or infringed upon.

He said the commission is mandated by law to receive complaints from members of the public against police action which includes brutality and abuse.

And Police Public Complaints Commissioner Steven Chipulu said the public should report any misconduct by police directly to the commission and the local councils through the Town Clerk and Council Secretaries.

He said complaints should clearly elaborate the particulars of the case and the officer will be summoned and subjected to disciplinary action if found wanting.

Commissioner Maureen Nkandu also added that police officers should not be hostile to the public but work in collaboration in order to effectively discharge their duties.

And Itezhi Tezhi District Commissioner Hendrix Kaimana called on residents in the area to desist from harboring criminal elements and instead report them to the police.

He said there was a tendency to hide criminal activities by some headmen especially when it was related to early marriages.

Mr Kaimana said people in the area should learn to collaborate with police officers so that they can also be more professional in their discharge of duty.

He assured residents in the area that government was in the process of procuring a water vessel that would help with rescue missions to address the issue of people losing lives on the lake.

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