The Ministry of health on the Copperbelt has acquired one of the world’s most effective malaria insecticide called Fludora Fusion ( FF) to be sprayed to all its ten districts.

ZANIS reports that Copperbelt Provincial health director Robert Zulu disclosed in an exclusive interview shortly after the launch of Indoor Residue Spray (IRS) exercise in Lufwanyama district.

“43,000 sachets of the said insecticide have been acquired with the help of  the cooperating partner called Vector Link under the USAID, “Dr. Zulu said.

The Director further said that this is among many preventive interventions the ministry was applying to eliminate malaria in the province.

He said the chemicals have since been stored in newly constructed store rooms  in strategic districts and over 300 operators have since been trained to do the spraying exercise.

During the exercise, 153,000 structures are targeted to be sprayed with over 21,000 structure to be sprayed in Lufwanyama alone because of its highest number of malaria incidences.

Last year the province recorded 302 malaria incidences with highest numbers having been received from its rural districts.

Dr. Zulu who confirmed this, hoped that with the current interventions the region will reduce cases of malaria by less than 200 this year.

He has since appealed to the community to give the spraying operators the utmost cooperation during the exercise.

Meanwhile Lufwanyama residents have praised government for its quick interventions in combating Malaria in the district.

They expressed confidence that malaria prevalence will drastically reduce in the area especially that the spraying exercise has started earlier than previous years.

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