Chief Madzimawe has appealed to Government to intensify border patrols in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Eastern Province.

He says that  due to the porousness of the borderline boundaries in Eastern Province, people from neighbouring countries are entering Zambia without any proof of having been tested for the Coronavirus.

Speaking during the official launch of the Eastern Province Chiefdom-Wide COVID-19 Sensitisation Meeting held at Crossroads in Chipata today, Chief Madziimawe, said people from neighbouring countries are entering illegally to buy agriculture produce from Zambia amid COVID-19 threats.

He said despite the traditional leadership putting up orders not to allow foreign nationals entering chiefdoms without documents, foreigners are still sneak into the country through the night.

Chief Madzimawe,  who is also a the Eastern Province Chiefs Council (EPCC)acting chairperson , said there is need to effectively sensitise people in rural areas about COVID-19 because there is a lot of ignorance.

And earlier, guest of honour, Provincial minister Makebi Zulu said the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs  has taken the lead through traditional structures to support Government’s efforts in advocacy and information education and communication about COVID-19 prevention in rural communities.

In a speech read on his behalf by Eastern Province permanent secretary Buleti Nsemukila, Mr Zulu aid the Government of His Excellence Dr Edgar Lungu is doing alot in combating COVID-19 through its multi-sectoral framework.

He said the chiefs and their traditional structures are expected to hold hands together with Government in the pillar of disease prevention and control by ensuring that preventive measures that have been spelt out in Statutory Instruments Number 21 and 22 of 2020;and other measures to reach the rural communities.

“My government is optimistic that  the traditional leaders will ensure that actionable mechanisms are put in place by the grassroots. I expect that the Chiefdom-Wide COVID-19 Sensitisation communication framework shall be guided by the principles namely accessible, actionable, credible and trusted; relevant, timely and understandable, “Mr Zulu said.

He appealed to all the chiefs and their traditional structures, the people in all the chiefdoms,church,political leaders, the private sector and other stakeholders to embrace and support the noble cause.

Mr Zulu implored the traditional leadership to always get Government’s guidance and advice concerning COVID-19 through the daily updates given by the Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya.

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