Kabwe High Court Judge-In-Charge, Kelly Limbani, says Central Province is still grappling with inadequate court room spaces.

Speaking during the Ceremonial Opening of the High Court Session for 2019, Justice Limbani appealed to government to build more court rooms in the province.

Justice Limbani said despite the increase of the population in the province, the infrastructure for the judiciary has remained the same for over three decades.

He said the High Court Judges and other support staff are still housed in the same old infrastructure that was there at the inception of the High Court in 1986.

He lamented that the current High Court building only has one court room, two chambers for the two High Court Judges plus six offices for the 22 members of staff while the registry personnel squat in corridors and witnesses have to wait in the sun.

He observed that the security wall fence under construction has since become deplorable posing a risk to the security of the Judges, other Court Officials and the Litigants.

He added that the situation is the same at the Subordinate Courts throughout the province where at times sittings are held from rented buildings such as disused former taverns.

Justice Limbani, however, nodded court buildings under construction in the province among them Chibombo Local Court, Makululu, Kapiri Mposhi, Chikupili, Masansa, and Chembe respectively although works have stalled.

And Central Province Minister, Sydney Mushanga, has called for patience among the judicial workers while government is working around the clock to address their plight.

Mr Mushanga said government is working very hard to make sure that the ongoing court buildings are completed while land for the High Court Building has already been secured.

He said government alive to the challenges of the court room space and will soon commence the construction of the High Court Building once funds are made available.

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