The International University of Africa in Sudan has honoured first Republican President Kenneth Kaunda this year.

The university has committed to honour Dr. Kaunda this year noting that, it is important for Africa to honour leaders that have left an indelible mark on the continent while still alive.

Speaking in a press statement released to ZANIS, International University of Africa Director of External Affairs, Tagjadin Beihin Niam said the decision is meant to support more Zambian students to have access to the university.

Mr. Niam stated that the board of the senate decided to honour the first Republican President owing to his contribution to the liberation struggle and his current pursuit of an HIV/AIDS free continent.

He added that the first Presidents’ role in the liberation of Zambia and some African states is a legacy that will live on and can never be deleted.

Mr. Niam also mentioned that the Prestigious International University of Africa has increased its scholarships from the current 35 students per year to 50.

He however, noted that so far the school has about 35 Zambian students who are performing well in different faculties.

Meanwhile, Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Susan Sikaneta has thanked the University for its decision to honour Dr. Kaunda.

Ms. Sikaneta said his honouring is a befitting tribute that will coincide with his 94th Birthday that falls on 28th April, 2018.

Ms. Sikaneta also commended the University for increasing its scholarships for the Zambian students from 19 students to 50 studying different courses.

“We are happy that the university has assured us full sponsorship for the Zambian students” Ms. Sikaneta said.

She recommended the university for training youths in different fields especially agriculture which she said is becoming the driver of many African economies.

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