Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has advised political parties to detach violence from political engagements.

Mr Kampyongo pointed out that politics can be conducted without the involvement of violence, adding that when the current government was taking over from its predecessor, they did not attain it through violent means and vice versa.

Mr Kampyongo has since assured the country that as long as he remains Minister of Home Affairs he will ensure that the nation conducts peaceful elections at all levels of political engagements.

The Home Affairs Minister told ZANIS in an exclusive interview in Lusaka this morning that the Patriotic Front (PF) is currently mandated to rule the country, and that no one is allowed to impose himself or herself on the people of Zambia, using undemocratic means.

And Mr Kampyongo, has reiterated that as much as the free movement of people is being advocated for in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), countries must be wary of bad elements that likely to cause unrest.

Mr Kampyongo further pointed out that free movement of people in the region as espoused in the free trade initiative is a good idea, although the region should be conscious of bad people and elements.

He noted that Zambia and the region should ensure that law enforcement agencies and security wings are always alert to ensure no undesirable elements are allowed to freely move across borders.

The Shiwang’andu law maker, stressed that Zambia as a sovereign state, will ensure that security in all crossing points of the country is tightened, in order for people across the continent and the world to make their way into the country.

He explained that as much as the country has been bestowed with the Chairmanship of the troika organ on politics, defense and security, it has a huge responsibility to continue advocating and fostering peace on the continent.

“From the time of first President Kenneth Kaunda, as a country we have continued to advocate for peace in the region, so this role is not a new one we are just building up on from what we have been doing along,” he said.

The Home affairs Minister has since commended President Edgar Lungu for providing quality leadership both at home and abroad, by ensuring that Zambia and the SADC community remains peaceful.

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