Kaoma Magistrate Hasting Hamaseka says he will not take kindly people that are fond of giving excuses to abscond from court through the clerk of court.

Magistrate Hamaseka observed that people were notifying the court through the clerk which he said was a wrong procedure.

The role of the clerk of court was to receive complaints and issue summons and not to permit people to stay away from court proceedings, he said.

The magistrate said this when almost all cases had either the plaintiff or defendant excusing themselves through the clerk of Court.

Magistrate Hamaseka stressed that the clerk of court was not a spokesperson for the courts or the representative of the defendants or plaintiff.

He further explained that the plaintiff or defendant should send a representative to inform the court on their absence and not through clerk of court.

Magistrate Hamaseka said he would not entertain an excuse coming through the office of clerk but to instead proceed in the absence of the other party.

He said people following wrong procedures risk having their cases dismissed adding that there were a lot of court cases where dispensation of justice was delayed as a result of excuses from either plaintiff or defendant and that he would not entertain such.

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