Kabwe Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) President, Christabel Ngongola, says the strained working relationship between the Kabwe Municipal Council and Kabwe Central Member of Parliament (MP), Tutwa Ngulube, is retrogressive and cannot inspire development.

Ms. Ngongola said the infighting between the local authority and Kabwe Central law maker has been a common feature since 2017, and almost half way in 2018 the bickering has continued at the expense of development.

The KCCI President said this in a press statement made availed to ZANIS in Kabwe this morning.

She said in order to achieve development within the municipality, KCCI will want to see order reign and she urged the authorities to quickly find the lasting solution and resolve the problems between the council and the parliamentarian.

She observed that the cosmopolitan town of Kabwe has continued to lag behind in development for a long time despite being the fourth largest in the country because key players have always been pulling in different directions.

Ms. Ngongola reiterated that the KCCI remains committed to bring together various stakeholders and other players for development to take effect.

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