The Ministry of Agriculture in Luano district in Central province has called on farmers in in the area to practice crop diversification.

Luano District Agriculture Coordinator (DACO) Roy Kalipenta said there was need for
Luano residents to reduce over-dependence on maize cultivation.

Mr. Kalipenta said the farmers in Luano should instead start growing other profitable indigenous crops such sorghum and soya beans.

He advised farmers to identify the type of crops that suit the land terrain in their area.

The DACO noted that crop diversification has the potential to provide numerous benefits such as withstanding price fluctuation, avoiding loss through breaking out of pests, increased income levels and food security.

He further urged agro-dealers to store a wide variety of inputs in line with government’s call to promote crop diversification.

Mr. Kalipenta added that there is need for government to enhance agriculture extension services in the district so that farmers are frequently educated on emerging farming methods.

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