Justice Minister Given Lubinda says he shall present the political party’s bill in the next sitting of parliament aimed at inculcating democracy in all political parties in the country.

And Mr. Lubinda says for democracy to thrive at national level it must visibly exist in the organizations that sponsor national leaders.

Speaking in parliament yesterday, Mr. Lubinda, who is also Kabwata Constituency lawmaker, wondered how a named political party has continued to participate in the growth of national democracy when the said party has not held intraparty elections since 2005.

“Madam (Speaker), we shall be coming next sitting with political party’s bill to make sure we entreat democracy in our political parties,” Mr Lubinda said.

“There must be democracy in political parties, we cannot have political parties that are not Democratic,” he added.

The Justice Minister revealed that there was wide consultations made before coming up with the Political Party Bill.

The political party bill will cure a number of undemocratic tendencies among which includes the fielding of the same losing political leader without subjecting them to intraparty elections.

And Mr. Lubinda has stated that the lives of Zambians were in safe hands under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu adding that tampering with the authority of his government was an exercise purely out of immorality.

The Minister appealed to UPND MPs to reflect during parliament’s recess on what it is they intend to do for the country and concentrate on that and keep away from calling everybody corrupt except themselves.

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