Chief Mwanta Ishima of the Lunda speaking people in Zambezi district of North-western province has dispelled rumours circulating on social media that chiefs in the district are against the expo.

Chief Ishima says the comments circulating by social media that chiefs in the province are false adding that traditional leadership in district is working with government through the provincial administration to ensure the expo is fruitful and successful.

He said the chiefs in the district cannot be against the expo because they have devoted a lot of time and money towards the event.

Chief Ishima said no leader would be against such a noble cause that is expected to see the economic development of all the districts in the province.

“The expo is also expected to reduce crime in the province and illicit behaviour among the youths as it will provide employment, “ he said.

North-western province is scheduled to host an investment exposition from August 18 to 24, this year under the theme, “Unveiling the Hidden Treasures”.

Meanwhile, the Traditional ruler has called on Zambezi district residents to co-exist and be peaceful saying there can be investment without peace.

He urged the Lunda and Luvale speaking people to desist from fight and settle their misunderstandings in a more respectable manner.

The two tribes clashed last Saturday during the delimitation meetings that was organized by the Electoral Commission of Zambia ( ECZ) in Zambezi.

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