OPPOSITION UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has explained that his handshake extended to President Edgar Lungu during the burial of Late freedom fighter Daniel Munkombwe in Choma is a normal gesture.

Hichilema surprised many when he stepped forward to shake hands with President Lungu.

He also explained that his gesture showed that he did not take President Edgar Lungu as a “sworn enemy” as some sections of society may perceive.

Hichilema said the handshake extensions in normal societies lead to the healing of Nation from political tension adding that he walked up to greet President Lungu in order to show magnanimity and leadership.

“What I did is very normal in a normal and civilized society,” said Hichilema.

UPND Choma Member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa described Hichilema and President Edgar Lungu’s handshake as a political milestone that should mark the beginning of better things.

Mweetwa expressed hope that the handshake was the “beginning of better things to come”.

He said it was UPND’s prayer that Munkombwe’s departure should unite the country.

“The state of our political freedom is questionable with democratic space beginning to diminish, which is not desirable. So for us as a people of Choma and Southern Province, we are happy that HH took this opportunity to stand up and go and greet President Lungu,” Mweetwa said.

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