Over one hundred thousand people including pregnant women and under-five children in Chipangali district are reported to be at risk of being infected with malaria.

Chipangali Member of Parliament Vincent Mwale , who said  this during the first meeting of the Sub-National EMC for Chipangali District at Protea Hotel in Chipata today,  noted with sadness that the district alone contributes 108, 650 cases to the national malaria case burden every year.

Mr. Mwale  was speaking during the first meeting of the Sub-National EMC for Chipangali District at Protea Hotel in Chipata today, in a speech read for him by Chipangali District Commissioner, Peter Msimuko.

Observing that elimination of malaria was essential to building a healthy and productive district, the law maker, who is also Minister of Housing and Infrastructure,  noted that he looked forward to the district Sub-National EMC achieving its mandate of advocacy to remain a key priority for the public and private sectors.

“I also urged the council to mobilize resources locally through broad multi-sourcing strategy from the private sector, donors and grassroots crowd funding, including action and accountability, “ he said.

And Chipangali District Director of Health, Patrick Mbewe, said Malaria is number one cause of ill health in the district.

Mr. Mbewe said 13 out of 22 health facilities in the district were hotspots where they recorded over 500 cases of malaria per every 1000 population per year, saying, this was an indication that the 13 are in level four of malaria elimination.

He said this was an indication that the district was still in level four of malaria elimination, adding that, there was a lot of work to be done by the council.

“Those health facilities that record zero are in level zero, meaning there are no malaria cases, between one and 49 in level one, meaning they have less than 50 malaria cases,” he said.

According to Mr Mbewe, the  health facilities recording between 50 and 199 cases are in level two meaning they record less than 200 malaria cases per 1000 population per year while those recording 200 and 499 are in level three, and those with 500 and above cases are in level four.

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