Members of Parliament this morning took turns to give kudos to the findings of the Parliamentary Committee on Parastatal Bodies report on the performance of companies such as the Zambia Telecommunications Company (ZAMTEL).

ZANIS reports that the committee in its report observed that ZAMTEL has recorded impressive achievements in its effort to expand its market position.

Zambezi East Member of Parliament Harry Kamboni said ZAMTEL   management has been coming up with innovative ways of income generations in the recent past.

Mr Kamboni told parliament that ZAMTEL has displayed some impressive achievements over the last few years despite having enormous pressure from competitors that are emulating its strategies.

In supporting the strides that ZAMTEL has made in coming up with strategies and declaring dividends to the Industrial Development corporation  (IDC),the Zambezi East Law marker called on other parastatal bodies to device strategies that will enable them compete favorably with private entities.

“Madam Speaker, I support the adoption of the report from the committee on parastatal bodies. Other state owned enterprises should come up with mechanisms that will help compete with private entities. The report clearly shows that ZAMTEL has taken a positive economic trajectory path,” he said.

And Nkeyama Member of Parliament Kapelwa Mbangweta observed that the report should be studied and understood by all as it gives the focus on how the parastatal firms are operating.

Meanwhile, Chinsali Member of Parliament Kalalwe Mukosa said the mandate of IDC is showing positive impressive results through the performance of parastatal firms like ZAMTEL.

The Chinsali Law Marker observed that there is need to enhance the capacity of ZCCM-IH to monitor the performance of mining companies to increase the number of companies declaring dividends to government.

The Report from the Committee on Parastatal Bodies focused on the Management and Operations of the IDC for the third session of the twelfth national assembly which was presented by committee member who is also Lufubu Member of Parliament Gift Chiyalika

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