The Mongu High Court has sentenced and convicted Mwangu Mwiinga to death by hanging for axing to death his sister in-law Nomal Ngango in Sikongo district in Western Province.

This is in a matter in which  Mwiinga on 14th October 2018 killed  Ngango in a grass thatched house at night when the convict mistakenly identified her as his ex-wife.

And in their testimony,  the State witness  indicated in court that when the oxcart ferrying the deceased body was brought to the police, it bled profusely due to injuries sustained adding that  at the crime scene  visited,  traces of blood were also found.

State witnesses said the convict took some items of his ex-wife; blankets, clothes and some bags of rice which he spilt on the yard at her mother’s home when he came with a machete on a certain day.

The ex-wife of the convict Nasilele Kupota on the material night said she was awaken by a noise of an object being smashed in the house.

When she realized that the intruder was her ex-husband carrying an axe, she grabbed his shirt and screamed for help after which the assailant fled the house.

The assailant was later apprehended by members of the community as was running away.

When the police interviewed the accused, he did not give any satisfactory answer as he was just smiling and said he knew nothing about the matter.

And High Court Judge Mwila Chitabo  during trial,  found him with a case to answer after a prima facie was established against the accused was thereupon put on his defence.

Judge Chitabo said the evidence before the court shows clearly that the accused had premeditated to kill his victim as evidenced by the deceased sustaining  a deep cut with broken bones and was bleeding from the nose and the mouth.

Justice Chitabo said there was no dispute that the deceased was killed as she had a fractured skull, brain convulsion and a broken jaw as revealed through a post mortem report.

In his judgment, Justice said the accused recorded a consistent history of violence and giving the family of his ex-wife sleepless nights.

He said the prosecution proved beyond any reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty as charged and thus he has slapped Mwiinga with death by hanging until pronounced dead by a medical doctor.

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