Traditional leaders in Sinda district in Eastern Province have called on mothers to take their children for under five clinic during the child health week.

Chieftains Nyanja’s Nduna Agrippa Banda called on mothers to take their children for under five clinic in order to immunize them.

Mr Banda charged that it is important to undergo this process for the future benefit of their children and the country as a whole.

He explained that immunization has been going on from time immemorial and it is an important undertaking which all children should be subjected to.

“If the children population is health then you have a good future as a country,” Mr Banda said. 

Meanwhile Sinda District Health Director Bernard Chimungu said that child health week happens twice in a year that is in June and December.

Dr Chimungu explained that the purpose of child health week is to implement and monitor under five growth and immunization programs.

“This year’s child health week comes with extra activities such as Vaccines for human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and Inactivated Polio Vaccines (IPV),” Dr Chimungu said.

He stated that IPV was introduced after declaring Zambia as a Polio free country.

He further added that HPV was introduced last year in June and it targeted girls who are 14 years old at the time of giving.

Dr Chimungu explained that HPV is given in two consecutive years adding that there is first and second dosage.

Sinda district Nursing Officer Edward Mazyopa disclosed that last year the district targeted 3007 girls be to given the first dosage of HPV Vaccine out of which 90% was reached.

Mr Mazyopa said the vaccine target would not reach 100% because some of girls were slightly less than 14 years while others were above.

“There was no neglecting of vaccine in the district and that there was also no reaction to the vaccine from the girls,” Mr Mazyopa said.

Mr Mazyopa thanked stakeholders for the great support they gave to the health institution in Sinda district last year in terms of sensitization towards the HPV Vaccination

He further appealed for support even this year from stakeholders in order to sensitize the community on HPV Vacation.

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