A community based organization in Mufumbwe District has become the first group in the area to donate COVID-19 preventive material as well as conduct sensitization to the public on the pandemic.

Transforming Zambia has donated assorted materials that include face masks, soap and assorted food items to the elderly people of Mufumbwe District in Northwestern Province.

The organisation has also conducted sensitizations on COVID-19 pandemic to elderly women in the area.

Transforming Zambia Executive Director, Robinson Sondashi told ZANIS in an interview today that his organization decided to donate to the elderly women because no other organisation in the area have thought of protecting them from the virus.

Mr Sondashi said the move is meant to protect the older persons as they are at higher risk of contracting the disease compared to the younger persons because their immune system is weaker.

“Transforming Zambia therefore, decided to donate some washable face masks to help the beneficiary elderly women in Mufumbwe to cover themselves in public places while the bar of soap will be used for regular hand wash at home,” he said.

“We also decided to donate small assorted food stuffs such as a pack of beans, Kapenta, salt and 1 litre cooking oil to help supplement their efforts to fend for their nutritional needs amidst the COVID-19,” Mr Sondashi added.

Meanwhile, 81-year-old, Nase Samalaho expressed gratitude to Transforming Zambia for the donation, saying she will ensure that she covers herself with the face mask each time she goes out in public.

“Every time I am home, I will ensure to encourage my grandchildren to regularly wash their hands using the soap I have been given,” Ms Samalaho said.

Another 79-year old woman, Silla Kuwema thanked Transforming Zambia for the sensitization on the spread of COVID-19.

“At least today I have clear understanding on how I can prevent myself from contracting Covid-19,” Ms Kuwema said.

Transforming Zambia also donated some face masks and hand sanitizers to the ministry of health in Mufumbwe.

Mufumbwe District Health Director, Dr Mulenga Nsofwa thanked the organization for the donation, saying the items will go a long in preventing the spread of the pandemic in the area.

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